About Browncor

From retailers to wholesalers, everyone needs certain packaging, storing or shipping supplies. At BrownCor, we know there are a plethora of companies and businesses to buy from. Due to that fact, we’ve decided to take the time to introduce ourselves as a company and offer several reasons why we’re the best company to fit your packaging needs. BrownCor has been a leading distributor of packaging, storage, and shipping supplies for over 30 years. In 2008, BrownCor was acquired by ICM Corp., a leading supplier and a partner to the US Postal Service. We distribute quality products through our website, as well as nationwide mail order catalog. All of our products come directly from our 200,000 square foot distribution facility located at 530 West Oklahoma Avenue in Milwaukee, WI. We feature a large assortment of in-stock products to ensure you get your products as quickly as possible. We’ve designed our product selection to be the most comprehensive in the industry. We offer more choices of each product line than anyone else. Our dedicated customers love that we offer additional size and color options. We also carry several brand names, such as 3M and Rubbermaid, as well as economical alternatives. We offer a variety of Box Sealing Tape and Dispensers, thousands of Packaging Boxes, Storage Boxes and Mailers that can ship, store, or package practically any item, Bubble Wrap and Protective Cushioning, an assortment of Stretch Wrap and Strapping Materials, a collection of Open Top, Self-Sealing and Specialty Poly Bags to keep your supplies organized and easily available, a selection of Retail Products, as well as warehouse products, to touch on our main product categories. At BrownCor, we always strive to put our customers first. From our product line to our willingness to customize orders, we always have you, our customer, in mind. We’re more than just packaging supplies – we’re the whole package!